Umwelt Casablanca Licht

Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Sustainability and environmental protection are not just empty phrases for us, but a core part of our economic activity.

We believe in sustainable creation of value, resource-saving production and ethic management in harmony with the environment.

For the sake of the environment, we almost exclusively use recyclable packing material, such as paper. We avoid color-printed cardboard boxes for packing and shipping our products.

Recyclable Packaging

We try to process orders in as few shipments as necessary in order to use packaging material in a way that conservers resources and to avoid unnecessary shipping routes and thus reduce harmful emissions. For this reason, we do not send documents, such as invoices, by post any longer, but only via e-mail.

We always try to reuse packaging material. This means packaging material from our suppliers or from returns are getting reused by us if possible.


Disposal & Returns

We take part in packaging disposal programs by the service provider Interseroh („dual system“) to ensure that our customers can dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. Our membership number in the Interseroh dual system is: 80431.

The correct disposal of electronic devices is also an important factor in preventing environmental pollution. Therefore we work together with the service provider take-e-way for the disposal of old electrical equipment. Our WEEE number is: 27083580.


Quality & Durability

We have been producing in Germany and Europe since 1980. This is not only our tradition and conviction, but also contributes to protecting the environment by avoiding long transport routes and complying with the higher environmental standards in Europe.

Our products are not short-lived trend items, but investments. Thanks to timeless design and high quality, the lifespan of a Casablanca luminaire is well above the industries average. We often offer spare parts and repairs for decades in order to extend the products lifespan even more.



We are aware that protecting the environment is not a one-off action, but a continuous process in which every company and every person has to check their daily actions for environmental compatibility. We will therefore continue to work on improving our environmental measures and hope for the support and understanding of our customers and sales partners.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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